day 105

Rolling Stones in Rio 2006 – ultra rare 1/1

Welcome to Rio De Janeiro and the legendary Rolling Stones show from Copacabana Beach.

„Alo Brasil“, shouted Mick Jagger in Portuguese at the beginning of the mega music event in the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, which took place as part of the world tour „Bigger Bang“.

There were as many children in the audience as there were older people. “I’ll never experience that again in my life,” said retiree and former accountant Joao. The 70 year old came with his wife Maria (65). They were neither put off by the humid night heat of around 35 degrees nor by the traffic chaos in the entire city because of the concert and had reason to be happy.

The performance of The Rolling Stones on February 18, 2006 was a historic event, a critical moment in rock’n’roll history, 1.5 million people ago, one of the greatest free concerts in history.

As Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts shoot all the pistons from one lane to the next, the crowd continues to meet their energy waving Brazilian and British flags as they rock in the tropical evening sunset.

Here the stage at copacabana beach in monet style.

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